When you go on holiday the best place for your hens is in their own coop at home but at Pet Poultry we understand that this isn’t always possible or practical. ’The Chick Inn’ run by Pet Poultry is the Isle of Man’s first boarding service dedicated to poultry.  Run by experienced poultry keepers to ensure the very highest standards of care for your birds giving you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your break.


We only use Omlet Eglu housing as the smooth plastic surface is able to be thoroughly disinfected between guests and the super secure runs give your birds the very best protection from predators during their stay.


All our houses have the full length 3m runs attached giving your birds’ access to fresh grass each day. For your birds safety they will not be allowed to free range in unfamiliar surroundings whilst in our care.


The Eglu Go houses a maximum of 3 standard sized birds and the Eglu Cube will hold up to 8 Standard sized birds.  


We have a ¼ acre paddock dedicated to ‘The Chick Inn’ giving us plenty of room to rotate the houses and runs. The area is fenced off from to public to minimise the disruption the birds and separate from our own birds.

  • Our houses are pressure washed and disinfected with a DEFRA approved disinfectant between guests.
  • Each guest will be given a health check on arrival in your presence to ensure we are both happy with their condition – we are not judging you or testing you.
  • Houses are cleaned twice weekly and moved three times a week, more if necessary.
  • The grass is regularly mown and the ground treated with a dry powder disinfectant to ensure parasites are eradicated as best we can.
  • Layers Pellets are included, we are able to offer an organic option too. If you prefer you are welcome to supply your own feed for the duration of the hens stay.
  • Any eggs laid by your birds will be kept for you to take home.
  • Fully insulated but well ventilated housing ensures that birds don’t get too hot or too cold.
  • All houses are shut every evening and opened again in the morning.
  • Hens get eggslusive use of their house and run for the duration of their stay, we will not mix groups of hens under any circumstances.
  • We accept Cock birds (roosters) for boarding. If there is more than one in a group we reserve the right to separate them should we feel it necessary for their welfare, the additional house and run used will be charged.


Eglu Go with 3m run £7.50 per night (Max 3 medium sized birds)

Eglu Cube with 3m run £15.00 per night (Max 8 medium sized birds)

All prices are per house


Please contact us via enquiries@petpoultry.im or on 07624 260555 for more information or to check availability. We will send you a reservation form to complete and return with your deposit in order to secure the booking.


If you wish to come and take a look before booking in we would be delighted to show you round.