This is a genuine bantam breed, very old and having no real relationship to the large breed of Cochins. It was imported from Pekin in the middle of the nineteenth century, hence its name. In recent years new colours have been added to the Standard. Due to their feathery legs, great care must be taken to keep pekins dry and clean.  They do not like mud and this can cause painful balls of mud on their feet which set like concrete and are hard to remove.  Prevention is best by either keeping them inside in the winter or laying slabs in their run.


Pekin Bantams are very docile and can be tamed easily, this makes them ideal for beginners or children. They lay around 90 small white eggs each year.


We have a pair of Lavender Pekin hens running with a pair of Frizzle Lavender Cock Birds. This will give a 50/50 split of smooth and frizzle chicks. 


We expect the hens to start laying at the end of March 2013.