Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl come from Africa originally, but have been bred for food in many countries for hundreds of years. There are even drawings of them on the walls of the pyramids. The domesticated Guinea Fowl which are popular in this country are called helmeted Guinea Fowl.


The birds come in a large range of colours, 21 different colours have been identified, they fall into 3 groups, Fully Pearled, (small white dots all over), Partially Pearled, (white dots in some areas), and Solid Colours, (no dots).


Guinea Fowl can be very noisy when upset, this normally only happens if a stranger is in view but can also be caused by a long-tail or pole cat, also a hawk or crow in the vicinity. They are as good as geese as an early warning system.


Guinea Fowl start laying their eggs in the late spring and will lay most days until late summer.  One hen bird will lay up to 100 eggs a year. They do not like being handled although it is said if you buy them as Keets (Guinea Fowl chicks) then you are much more likely to be able to tame them.


Our pair of Guinea Fowl run free, if you are interested in hatching eggs then we require notice to enable us to pen them to ensure the freshest eggs are collected. We are able to supply chicks but given limited demand we only hatch to order. PLease get in touch if you are interested in purchasing Guinea Fowl.