Our Friesian Lady

Friesian Fowl

Friesian fowls are from the windswept northern coastal region of The Netherlands. This region was very isolated until modern times, so the breed is thought to be very similar to those bred in the area 1000 years ago. They are small, active hardy birds, a characteristic they share with breeds from other parts of the world where chickens were expected to find most of their own food by foraging. As large Friesians are a small breed, they have frequently been entered in bantam classes at shows by mistake.


Friesians are recorded as laying in the region of 230 white eggs per year, their eggs are large despite their tiny size. They are not a broody type and being small are very economical to keep.


Our Cock Bird pictured below was awarded the best of breed award at the Federation Championship Show in December 2012, our Hen was placed 3rd at the same show in the hen class. 


Our young hen was placed 1st in the Rare Breed Class at Ramsey Fur & Feather Show in January 2013.


We have several groups of birds and have hatching eggs avaliable now with the first chicks due to arrive at the end of February 2013.