How we got started

We started out wanting 'just a few hens' so we could enjoy fresh eggs each day from happy hens kept in our own garden. Before we knew it we had a 'few' extra hens to sell eggs to friends and family and then after hatching out some eggs we also had a few hens for sale..... and that is where it all began. Use the menu on the right to find out more about the breeds we keep.


We occasionally have other breeds of bird avaliable, we regularly source hatching eggs from other breeders to meet specific orders. Let us know if your preferred breed isn't listed.

The Cost of Keeping a Chicken

Of all the information on the internet this seemed the question no one could answer probably becuase there are so many variables! To give you an indication here is what a standard sized chicken generally costs us to keep each week:


Feed - Organic feed 62p 

Grit - less than 5p per week 

Wormer - 8p

Bedding - We use the Omlet Eglu housing range so very little bedding is required and the cost is negligable

Mite Treatment - for both the birds and the house, approx 25p per week


Each bird costs less than £1 to keep each week. If you have more eggs that you can consume in your household then sales of your surplus eggs to neighbours, friends and family can mean that your pet hens can pay for themselves!


Assuming you keep a trio of hens you could expect a dozen eggs each week in the laying season (Feb-Oct), this number of eggs would cost you in excess of £250 per year to buy from a supermarket so in less than 3 years your hens, housed in an Eglu Go with run, will have paid for themselves.....